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        No matter how fervently we pursue the missed moments in a vain attempt to get them back, they turn out to be irretrievably lost. But I stopped for a moment to enjoy the passing of time... and to my surprise (and much to the surprise of my family and friends), that decision expanded into a magical journey into a fairyland of wonder-filled color that became my enduring source of inspiration. Such is the world of art - fertile and eternal! I have long roamed her realm and always left it with eternal longing, for the sense of self-abandonment I experienced in the dedicated work of my dearest artist friends.

This immersive experience of the expanse of colors and emotions has been with me for several years and I keep it close. I found that what helped me express my emotions most rewardingly was putty. If the texture of the canvas is flat and without relief, it means that I have not fulfilled my purpose with this artwork. So I gradually discovered the potential of sculpting paste, but the "discovery" took me a long time.

Sculptural painting has recently been developing within no more than 9 years

     In her path of artistic self-exploration, the Russian artist Evgenia Ermilova, the founder of sculptural painting, was captivated by the relief drawings of the American artist Justin Gaffrey and adopted his technique, which she adapted to the specifics of her style. Yet to fulfill her artistic aspirations, she needed a molding material with a different texture.

Combining its experience with her efforts, the French company Clavel produces a new decorative putty tailored to the needs of Ermilova's project. The availability of the new material paved the way for the development of sculpture painting - a new artistic trend since 2015. The addition of a new ingredient - natural fiber - to the decorative substance improved its plasticity and elasticity, which improved its molding properties - better expansion and volume of the sculpted flowers and various other objects conceived by the artist's imagination. 

In the following years, the inspired efforts of Evgenia Ermilova continued to improve the quality of the substance and even came out with her own brand bearing her name. Interestingly, the color scheme of her art includes 55 colors that can be mixed to get the desired shades. 

We make Christmas stars in the village of Momchilovtsi in the villa "ALBA", the host is the charming Violeta Manolova, who is with us, and from her villa she has created a paradise among the paradise of nature

The sculptural paste bearing its name is a high-quality, durable substance that withstands the wear and tear of time and supports the long life of works of art. If you check out Ermilova's International School of Sculpture Painting website, you'll come across demonstrations of the product's durability and live videos where her paintings are tested in water but remain intact with fresh and vibrant colors.

I learned this a few years ago from her handbook and from the website she maintains. But I had to embark on a long study before I could grasp the full significance of the term "sculptural painting" and try Ermilova's pasta. I had to research for a long time to test the energy and persistence of my determination and finally create my own flowers from sculpting paste.

One of my fondest memories of this research period takes me back to when I started dreaming at night about how to improve the quality of my work by adding different ingredients to the molding material. I aimed for my flowers to look like the wonderful flowers produced by professional artists on the internet. I devoted much of my time to experiments, studying in detail the works of other artists practicing this technique, searching for suitable substances and producing different sheets, some of which I liked and some of which were failures. However, it was a rewarding experience for me. Even the moments of confusion, uncertainty, and loss of direction were valuable in my creative pursuits. This process was inspiring and challenging, but not without meaning. I prefer to think of my long-term research as a long-term investment with future returns.

      Peonies became my first inspiration. Three varieties of them adorned our yard – white, white-and-pink, pink- and dark-red. Their spell was irresistible! My first paste-moulded peony, a memorable debut, is still with me. I sculpted its petals out of a self-made experimental paste and they stood the passage of time, soundly planted on the canvas /I didn’t know then that the best foundation for such purposes was wood, not canvas, though/. And because it is in my nature to always pursue my aims with exceptional dedication and inspiration, I was impatient to resume my artistic work at the end of the long workdays I spent at my workplace in front of the computer. This was such a happy migration – I found myself in a fledging, pristine, fairy-tale world, like a disciple of a new teaching, inebriated and grateful for the impressions it evoked in me, thirsty for knowledge and new creative undertakings. 

My family would bid “good-night” and leave me all alone with my peonies to find me bent over them in the morning, like an exact replica of my evening self. Finally, my husband invented a funny new name for me – Bojouritsa (Peony-wife)! No other name could have suited the creative quests of my website with such  remarkable precision. Coincidentally, the name of my friend in charge of the website is Violet… May we rejoice in the spirit of flowers!

      Avidly striving for new horizons, I came across my Bulgarian teacher – Svetlana Andreeva. In her classes, she taught me how to mould peonies, roses and Poinsettias (Christmas star plants). Thank you, Svetlana for your guidance in realm of heavenly inspiration! You are truly a light-bearer, as your name suggests. Svetlana holds all her students by the hand teaching them how to take their first steps in the world of sculptural painting. I was a toddler, too, feeling my way in this magical realm which she left open for me. As a matter of fact, I have never stopped wondering at the enormous opportunities of its magic, and I feel as inadequate now as I used to be back then. 

With Svetlana Andreeva - I present a "Rose" panel and a certificate after my studies

Art possesses inexhaustible sources of magic that takes hold of you and leads you to the ever-growing heights of knowledge, higher and higher above… And the journey goes on… Svetlana brought me a cherished gift – Evgenia Ermilova’s book on sculptural painting. I realized the seriousness of this undertaking – an energy-consuming task which we may not be able to perform adequately if we lack the knowledge and practical skills to render our ideas tangible. Svetlana also told me about Ermilova’s International School and I got enrolled on her courses. It may take me a year or more to complete my education and training – I have no idea about how long its duration will be, but as it progresses, I will share my works and findings in the world of sculptural painting here, in this cosy nook called “Bojouritsa” where we feel at home! 

It will be a year or more, I don't know exactly how long my studies will take, it depends on how I progress, but here I will share with you my works, my discoveries in the world of sculpture painting, here in this new home of ours called "Bozhuritsa" !

One always wonders when the inspiration for creativity came

      For myself, I can say that it has haunted me ever since I was a child, when I would secretly climb a tree and then the roof of our house to see the sunset and I didn't want to blink, but if possible to completely immerse myself in him. I fantasized and created a world only of beautiful things, exquisite ... read more