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One always wonders when the inspiration for creativity came

The usual question we are expected to answer on such occasions is how and when we were drawn to art by the proverbial first moment of inspiration.

In my case, it found me early in my childhood when I would secretly climb a tree, then scramble up to the roof of our house to contemplate the sunsets. In those blissful moments I would stand still, forbidding myself even a single blink to avoid any disturbance that could have prevented me from yielding to the breath-taking sight. It was then that I dreamt of other worlds and they came to being through a profusion of beautiful, exquisite images. Henceforward, I would search for a vehicle of self-expression in everything I did. Even nowadays, when the gist of my professional job consists in carrying out calculations according to established rules and expertise, I always look for some leeway to give vent to my creative energy.

I began to share my private emotional experiences with an audience at the school of accordion which my parents encouraged me to attend, then I joined a creative writing workshop, and some years ago I bought a synthesizer to recall the musical notes and my favourite melodies. What about painting? It has been with me all along, with the other artistic forms of self-expression. Each one of them had its own “melody” and timing. I trusted Time, my intuition and inner voice. At first, I had to pass the stage of Devoted Time, to teach my children trust their own wings. This period was rich in existential experience, emotions and sublime, incompatible, heartfelt maternal love, which I held fast as the supreme expression of myself. Rather than being frustrated with the many “musts” I had to obey at that time at the expense of my personal needs, I could feel and foretaste Time that was awaiting me.

Lovets na izgrevi (Catcher of Sunrises) has been my only published collection of poems so far, which contains just those poems that I wanted to share with my family and friends. As a wise saying goes, “Everything comes at its own time”. Thus I let Time love me, I trusted and loved it in turn, delightful and thankful for every single moment.

My share of Time, allotted to me with a measure, generous and benevolent at every age in human life, allowed me to come to you here and now, conscious of my responsibility before you – connoisseurs and critics – to let you inside the wondrous worlds of my humble self without fear. Be welcome, dear friends, from near and far!

Give Time the chance to love you and it will be grateful!

Galina Lozeva

Translation Petya Tsoneva