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Sculptural painting has developed recently within no more than 9 years

     In her journey of artistic self-quest, Russian artist Evgenia Ermilova, the founder of sculptural painting, was captivated by the relief paintings of American artist Justin Gaffrey and adopted his technique which she adapted to the specifics of her style.

Yet to fulfil her artistic aspirations, she needed a moulding material with a different texture. Joining their expertise to her efforts, French company Clavel produced a new decorative putty tailored to meet the needs of Ermilova’s project.

The availability of the new material paved the way for the development of Sculptural painting – a new artistic trend of 2015.

Adding a new ingredient – natural fiber – to the decorative substance enhanced its plasticity and elastic quality, which improved its moulding properties – better extension and volume of the sculpted flowers and of a variety of other items conceived by the artist’s imagination.

We make Christmas stars in the village of Momchilovtsi in the villa "ALBA", the host is the charming Violeta Manolova, who is with us, and from her villa she has created a paradise among the paradise of nature

In the following years, Evgenia Ermilova’s inspired efforts continued to improve the quality of the substance and she even came out with her own brand bearing her name. Interestingly, the colour scheme of her art includes 55 colors that can be mixed to produce the desired nuances.

The sculpting paste bearing her name is a high quality, durable substance that stands the wear-and-tear of time and maintains the long life of the works of art.

If you explore the website of Ermilova’s International School of Sculptural Painting, you will come across demonstrations of the durability of the product and live videos in which her paintings are tried by water but they remain intact with their colours fresh and vivid. 

With Svetlana Andreeva - I present a "Rose" panel and a certificate after the training